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What we stand for at By the Bay Podiatry 

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  • Making a community based working environment acting as a second "family" to be interested and involved with your team and what they value beyond work, and getting to know your peers 

  • Creating a positive patient community to be sympathetic and empathetic, and to be interested beyond feet to create great rapport and good community will 

  • to be involved and give back to the community where possible  


  • To value and always treat each other with dignity 

  • maintain and create a positive environment and be aware of surroundings 

  • respect and support each team member 

  • respect referrers and communicate efficiently and promptly 

  • Be honest and strong with moral principles 

  • respect your workplace and business ensuring punctuality, cleanliness, personal presentation, documentation and honesty 

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  • Growth of knowledge 

  • personal growth 

  • growth of business 

  • strive for growth in conversion and retention


  • I care about my patients and achieving positive outcomes 

  • I care about myself 

  • I care about my team and their wellbeing 

  • I care about my workspace; cleanliness and tidiness

  • I care about my work environment (happy/vibrant)

  • I care about my presentation 

  • I care enough to treat everyone with kindness and compassion 

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  • There's no "I" in team work 

  • Working together to better self and positive outcomes for the team and patients 

  • "Alone we can do little, together we can do so much"

  • "None of us are as smart as all of us"

  • Be unified and work together to benefit all 

  • Helping each other lift to the next level 

  • Backing our team to get the job done 


  • Take action 

  • Be reliable 

  • Take responsibility 

  • Follow through with completion 

  • "Get stuff done"

  • Be accountable for your actions 

  • Do it 100% or not at all 

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  • Keep it positive 

  • Come with solutions not problems 

  • Care and respect for all 

  • CAN DO attitude 

  • Own your role / be the best YOU 

  • Be a LEADER


We accept all major health insurance and government management plans. 

You do not need a doctors referral to make an appointment at By the Bay Podiatry. Most private health funds cover Podiatric services and orthotics under their ancillary tables.

By the Bay Podiatry accepts Enhanced Primary Care Plans "EPC", Team Care Arrangement or chronic disease management plan which is a set up by your doctor through Medicare. There is a gap payment of $20 for an initial consult and $10 for follow up consults. Consult with your GP to find out whether you would be eligible for this scheme.

For return service men and women or DVA patients whether on a gold or white card need to obtain a doctors referral for their appointments and other services we can provide to be claimed under the Department of Veteran affairs.

We also accept work cover, TAC and NDIS health scheme patients.

Green Fields


  • Growth of knowledge 

  • personal growth 

  • growth of business 

  • strive for growth in conversion and retention

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