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Normal development  of the gait cycle

  • 8 months - Sits alone and unsupported - can raise self to sitting

  • 10 Months -  Crawling standing and holding onto furniture become easier; movements in the hips and legs can be jerky

  • 12 months - supported walking progresses to child being able to walk supported with one hand, child can squat with wide base of support

  • 15-18 months - child can walk, kneel and stand up unaided; stair climbs on al fours . speed and ease of walking improves towards 18 months

  • 2 years - climbs stairs two feet per step without help, can run and jump; lacks co-ordination and ; flat foot and hips externally rotated

  • 3 years - Decreasing base of gait, alternated feet going up stairs, jumps off step two feet landing, can run and hop more efficiently, foot starts to re -supinate  or "roll out"

  • 4 years - child can walk down one foot per step, runs and climbs well, hops one one foot, still has flat foot

  • 5 years - child can skip on both feet, heel to toe gait and active propulsion



We accept all major health insurance and government management plans. 

You do not need a doctors referral to make an appointment at By the Bay Podiatry. Most private health funds cover Podiatric services and orthotics under their ancillary tables.

By the Bay Podiatry accepts Enhanced Primary Care Plans "EPC", Team Care Arrangement or chronic disease management plan which is a set up by your doctor through Medicare. There is a gap payment of $20 for an initial consult and $10 for follow up consults. Consult with your GP to find out whether you would be eligible for this scheme.

For return service men and women or DVA patients whether on a gold or white card need to obtain a doctors referral for their appointments and other services we can provide to be claimed under the Department of Veteran affairs.

We also accept work cover, TAC and NDIS health scheme patients.

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