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Bunions commonly referred to as big toe joint pain can cause discomfort and limit foot function.


The exact cause for bunion is unknown. But several factors that can cause them include:

  • Pressing of the big toe against the second toe

  • Wearing narrow or tight shoes

  • High heeled foot wear

  • Structural abnormality at birth

  • Inherited foot deformities

  • Arthritis, for example, rheumatoid arthritis

  • Stress on the foot

  • Injury to the foot

Medically known as Hallux Valgus this condition can cause mild to severe forefoot deformities. It clinically presents as a sideways dislocation of the big toe which can be accompanied by a boney enlargement on the side of the big toe and clawing of the little toes as the deformity worsens.


Hallux Valgus causes foot pain, impairs balance, alters walking and impacts on your ability to be physically active. A  comprehensive assessment and examination will be conducted to diagnose the presenting condition, its cause and the variety of treatment options available will be discussed.


Various treatments can be implemented by your podiatrist to reduce foot pain and improve foot function. If you are experiencing big toe pain please contact us at By the Bay Podiatry for assistance. 


We accept all major health insurance and government management plans. 

You do not need a doctors referral to make an appointment at By the Bay Podiatry. Most private health funds cover Podiatric services and orthotics under their ancillary tables.

By the Bay Podiatry accepts Enhanced Primary Care Plans "EPC", Team Care Arrangement or chronic disease management plan which is a set up by your doctor through Medicare. There is a gap payment of $20 for an initial consult and $10 for follow up consults. Consult with your GP to find out whether you would be eligible for this scheme.

For return service men and women or DVA patients whether on a gold or white card need to obtain a doctors referral for their appointments and other services we can provide to be claimed under the Department of Veteran affairs.

We also accept work cover, TAC and NDIS health scheme patients.

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